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Your go to SIP manufacturer.

SIP IT (Scotland) Ltd are your go to SIP manufacturer and have a SIP solution for all your construction needs. The factory is based in Aberdeenshire where we manufacture:-

·        OSB SIP: Our standards range of panels with 11mm OSB, suitable for any residential or commercial project.

·        FR-SIPit: The A1 rated non- combustible SIP panel

The quality and precision of our panels is unrivaled as we lead the way in the Structural Insulated Panel industry.





The team at SIP IT (Scotland) Ltd have been designing, building with, and living in SIP buildings since 2009. Over the years we have built SIP homes for ourselves, for customers, friends and family throughout the UK.  The experience of being the customer, the Architect, the Contractor, and the Manufacturer gives us an unprecedented wealth of knowledge in the world of SIP.  We are now sharing our experience and knowledge with you. Providing a free consultancy service that will help you to seamlessly adopt the SIP system into your project.

A few of the benefits of specifying with SIP are:-

- Lean Construction: PU is one of the best insulates, so to achieve the required u-value the walls are significantly thinner than traditional build.

- The insulate and skin are integrated, and factory made, ensuring far superior tolerances and air tightness as standard.

- The system is easy to upgrade: to achieve a lower u-value. Simply Increase panel thickness with more PU.

- On Site: SIPs is component-based with Panels, timbers, cripples etc meaning there is 90% less material wastage. It is easier and far quicker to erect which significantly reduces time, and most importantly costs, on site.

Contact for a free quotation and see how SIP panels can add value to your project.

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