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Modern method of construction & SIP panels exceed the scottish building regulations 2025

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Building regulations in scotland changing in 2025, and the government are looking to use modern methods of construction to address the net zero housing challenge

The Scottish Government has set an ambitious target to achieve net zero carbon emissions from the entire built environment by 2045. To reach this target, the government is looking to use modern methods of construction to create more energy-efficient homes.The Building (Scotland) Act 2003 requires that all new buildings must comply with the Building Regulations in Scotland. In response to the net zero housing challenge, the Scottish Government is currently in the process of consulting on changes to the Building Regulations in Scotland which will come into effect in 2025.The proposed changes include an increased focus on energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions from new build homes. In particular, the proposed changes will require that all new build homes meet a minimum energy efficiency standard set out in the Building Regulations. This will involve the use of modern methods of construction such as off-site prefabrication, such as SIP Panels, airtightness, high levels of insulation, and the use of renewable energy technologies such as solar PV and heat pumps. In addition, the proposed changes will also require developers to use more sustainable building materials such as Structural Insulated Panels (SIP),

Construction of a SIP house
SIP house aberdeenshire

in construction, to improve air quality in the home, and to reduce water usage. Overall, the proposed changes to the Building Regulations in Scotland are intended to help the country meet its ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions from the built environment and create more energy-efficient homes. A SIP Eco house meets these regulations and exceeds them with less wall build up than standard timber kit.

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