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Achieve Passive House standards with SIP

PU SIP panel
SIPit SIP panel

Welcome to the world of passive house principles, where energy efficiency and comfort go hand in hand! By partnering Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) with the concept of passive house, we can create homes that are truly remarkable.

One of the key principles is achieving low U-values, and SIP panels excel in this area. With a mere 220mm thickness, these panels can achieve an impressive U-value of 0.11W/m2K. This means they are much thinner than traditional timber kits while still providing exceptional insulation.

But it's not just about insulation - airtightness is equally important. With SIP panels, you can create a continuous barrier against drafts, ensuring that your home remains cozy and comfortable all year round.

When it comes to thermal bridging, SIP panels take the lead once again. They boast an impressive 65% reduction compared to timber kits, meaning less heat loss and more energy savings for you.

To ensure excellent indoor air quality and energy efficiency, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems are often incorporated into passive houses. These systems recover heat from outgoing air and transfer it to incoming fresh air, reducing energy costs while improving indoor air quality.

And let's not forget about high-spec windows! Passive houses prioritize windows with superior thermal performance to minimize heat loss and maximize natural light intake.

By embracing these passive house principles with SIP panels and incorporating features like MVHR systems and high-spec windows, you'll experience reduced energy costs, improved indoor air quality, increased comfort levels, and even contribute towards a greener future with less environmental impact.

So why settle for anything less when you can enjoy the benefits of a passive house? It's time to embrace innovation and create homes that truly make a difference!

Passive house built with SIP panels
SIPit SIP Eco-house

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