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Reduce Your Construction Costs

Collaborate and Commit

We all know that construction costs have risen due to a multitude of factors. Material costs, transport, diminishing labour, increasing technical standards, and a migration to renewables.

Unfortunately, we need to accept these costs are here to stay.

In our experience high costs are also due to the customer, building specifier or contractor recommending a construction system that is too expensive or not appropriate for the project. Subsequently, the client looks for alternative solutions.

We can provide this solution, however frustratingly on the client’s part a lot of time and money has been wasted.

So, how do we keep costs to a minimum? ...... By Collaborating and Committing 


Pick up the phone, send an email, and get talking to us as early as possible, because early dialogue can assist in looking at the whole project analysis and identify what solution will work. Collaboration will achieve best value for all parties.


Collaboration naturally encourages commitment, and a shared responsibility to deliver the project in a more linear fashion. We can provide costs, construction details and technical support from the get-go, but most importantly as Architects (in a previous life) we have a wealth of SIP experience from concept to completion, and through collaboration and commitment we can identify savings.

Contact to talk to us about your project.

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